Irish Film Archive: ‘A Short Decade’

This month the Irish Film Archive will screen 10 short filmsoone for each year of the Archive’s existence in the Irish Film Centre.
The programme will include:
Shooting to Stardom (1992) by Kieron J. Walshe (11 mins.)
Changelings (1993) by Dee Armstrong (15 mins.)
Pan Loaf (1994) by Stephanie Faugier (11 mins.)
Fishing the Sloe Black River (1995) by Brendan Bourke (14 mins.)
Bolt (1996) by David Caffrey (17 mins.)
Patterns (1997) by Kirsten Sheridan (8 mins.)
Chrono Perambulator (1998) by Damien O’Donnell (11 mins.)
Dream Kitchen (1999) by Barry Dignam (8 mins.)
Coolockland (2000) by Brian Tucker and Ronan Carr (20 mins.)
Give Up Your Aul Sins (2001) by Cathal Gaffney (5 mins.)
When Bridie Met Gerry (2002) by Andrew Kavanagh (2 mins.)

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