Featuring the best of emerging Irish and international talent, this popular slot presents a variety of shorts that is sure to include something for everyone.

A Mother dead in the kitchen. A Father with blood on his hands. Not all is what it seems. Anthony Head (Buffy) stars in this bleak but beautifully shot and haunting tale. (U.K., 9 mins) Director: Dan Gitsham

The Gloaming
Ireland, 1849. The Great Famine. As a church bell tolls and the gloaming descends, a father and son working the land are forced to confront an ancient evil. 

Impressive visual effects belie the low budget of this Dublin set sci-fi short about a man with the power to summon electricity and a burning hatred of the human race. Don’t let him near the spire… too late! (Ireland, 7 mins) Director: Fergal Costello

The Crimes of All Hallows’ Day 
Based on the true story of a series of brutal murders on the island of Ibiza in the 50s and 60s, this film presents new evidence to suggest that the man executed for the crimes was innocent and that an even more disturbing story lay behind the headlines. After a documentary style introduction by Spanish filmmaker Antonio Isasi, the final murder is dramatised in the style of a grindhouse horror film which could hold it’s own against Texas Chainsaw Massacre for sheer brutality. (Spain, 22 mins) Director: Héctor Escandell. 

Mother Died 
A young woman manages one last act of defiance in the face of the zombie apocalypse. (U.K., 7 mins) Director: Neill Gorton.

Shell Shocked 
Dominic Brunt (Paddy Kirk in Emmerdale) directs this tense little story about a British and German soldier who encounter each other sheltering in a bunker during a battle in WWII. The tension is broken by a nazi zombie. (U.K., 12 mins) Director: Dominic Brunt. 

How Olin Lost His Eye
An abandoned house, a boarded-up window, and a little boy who can’t resist having a peek. The latest scare from Irish horror auteur Damian McCarthy. (Ireland, 6 mins) Director: Damian McCarthy.

Creepy gothic horror in which a wicked stepmother calls down a terrible curse on a little girl to stop her from sucking her thumb.  (U.K., 7 mins) Director: Ben Tillett.

Fist of Jesus
Things don’t go to plan for Jesus when he tries to resurrect Lazarus and unwittingly sets off a zombie holocaust. Viz magazine meets Sam Raimi in this masterpiece of sacrilegious splatter.  (Spain, 14 mins) Directors: Adrián Cardona, David Muñoz.

Bloodlust of the Druid Overlords 
We all know about Saint Patrick and the snakes, but the true story of his battle against the Druid Overlords has never been told, until now. This low budget B-movie homage by artist Michael X. Rose features flaxen-haired maidens pursued through the woods and sacrificied to the old gods by papier-mache headed druids, and builds to a spectacular climax as Saint Patrick arrives from across the sea to foil the evil druids by launching fireballs from his crozier, all set to an original psychedelic rock soundtrack. Horrorthon is proud to present this very idiosyncratic and amusing example of trash cinema. (U.S.A., 29 mins) Director: Michael X. Rose. 

Surprise Ending 
A nagged husband (Gerard McSorley) picks a most inappropriate moment to murder his wife in this micro-short. (Ireland, 26 secs) Directors: Ian Whelan, Derek O’Connor. 

Showing as part of IFI Horrorthon 2013 (October 24th – 28th).

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