Goldfish Memory

Director: Elizabeth Gill

Typifying the brash confidence and excitement of Celtic Tiger Ireland, Goldfish Memory is an ensemble piece about the relationship troubles of a host of modern-day Dubliners and could be described as Ireland’s first gay rom-com. Lecturer Tom (Sean Campion) cheats on his student girlfriend Clara (Fiona O’Shaughnessy) with Isolde (Fiona Glascott). At the same time Red (Keith McErlean) pursues David (Peter Gaynor), whilst Red’s best friend Angie (Flora Montgomery) pairs up with the jilted Clara, whilst the collapse of Tom and Isolde’s relationship brings the pair back onto Dublin’s singles scene and into the orbit of everyone else. Director Elizabeth Gill imagines Dublin as a place where a single degree of separation exists between each character, with a romantic web quickly tying the characters together. The result is light, airy enjoyable romantic-comedy with a soundtrack featuring then-rising Irish stars Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan.

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