Fluffer, The

Wash West’s long-awaited first non-porn feature, co-directed with Richard Glatzer (Grief), is a hugely entertaining peek at the place where obsession, submission, money and sexuality meet: the sex industry. Sean McGinnis (Michael Gunio) is young, naive, adventurous and pure. He arrives in L.A. to fulfil his dream of becoming a director. Obsessed with old movies, he settles down one night for Citizen Kane, only to find, to his astonished delight, that he has mistakenly picked up Citizen Cum. His becomes infatuated with porn star Johnny Rebel (Scott Gurney) and succeeds in getting a job as cameraman with the company that makes his Rebel’s films. With fine performances all round (Roxanne Day and Deborah Harry also feature), a strong script and a rousing soundtrack, The Fluffer is a sure-fire hit.

U.S.A., 2001.
Dolby stereo.
94 mins.

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