Irish Film Institute -Faces of the Moon, The

Faces of the Moon, The

Director: Guita Schyfter

(2001. English subtitles. Colour. 101 mins.)

Director Guita Schyfter’s third feature is a light but enjoyable ensemble piece about the struggles and aspirations of modern women. The film describes the interaction between five jurors at the third annual Latin American Women’s Film Festival in Mexico City. Shosh Balsher (Carola Reyna) is an Argentine director who lived in Mexico City as a political exile; Joan (Geraldine Chaplin) is a New York theorist and militant lesbian; Mariana (Carmen Montejo) is the eldest, a filmmaking pioneer modelled after the late Matilde Landeta; Julia (Haydee de Lev) was a Uruguayan terrorist who spent thirteen years in jail; and latecomer Maruja (Ana Torrent) is a Spanish producer. They all perform their duties under the supervision of harried organiser Magdalena (Diana Bracho), who tries to influence the jury’s decision to keep the sponsors happy.

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