Irish Film Institute -Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

Director: Joel Conroy

‘Eye of the Storm’ charters two young men’s journey into the unknown-the world of big wave tow-in surfing in Ireland.
Shot in the magnificent seascape of counties Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo, Richard Fitzgerald and Gabriel Davies shatter the myth that ‘there’s no real surf in Ireland’. In their own unassuming manner, they present a picture of Ireland and Ireland’s surfers never seen before.
Best friends since their teens, Ritchie and Gabe have surfed all over the world and earn their living from Ireland’s fledgling surfing industry, one as a professional surfer, the other the owner of a surf shop in Bundoran.The documentary follows their remarkable journey towards the ultimate goal – to surf the big waves of Mullaghmore. With superb action photography, the documentary captures the viewer and catapults them right into the heart of the action.
(2002. Ireland. Colour. Beta. 52mins)
Directed by: Joel Conroy

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