Desperate Remedies

Director: Stewart Main/Peter Wells

The Ultimate in opreatic excess and high melodrama, Desperate Remedies is the spectacular and audacious debut of award-winning New Zealanders, Stewart Main and Peter Wells.
The atmosphere is rife with seething passion, Machiavellian deception and sexual manipulation. Beautiful and fiercely independent Dorothea sets out to free her sister Rose from her opium enslavement to the evil fraser. She enlists the aid of Lawrence, a rugged hunk with a past, whom she pays to marry Rose and dispose of Fraser. Dorothea is supported at all times by her resourceful and very intimate companion anne. The drama escalates when Dorothea’s marriage of convenience crumbles and Lawrence, along with the rest of the cast, declares his undying pssion for her. What’s a girl to do?
Magnifent performances, exuberant music and costumes that have to be seen to be believed make this comic romp utterly irresistible.
Extravagant, opulent and lots of fun.

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