Irish Film Institute -BLOOD ON SATAN’S CLAW


Director: Piers Haggard

97 mins, UK, 1971, Digital

This film screened 23rd July 2016.

The unearthing of an object with malign influence is a recurring trope in folk horror cinema (see Quatermass and the Pit); in this instance it is a hideous skull, found in the furrows
of a farmer’s field that precipitates
an outbreak of demonic possession

in the town’s young people.
Piers Haggard’s unnerving story
of a traditional community being led astray foregrounds the association
of evil with nature and landscape,
the camera often positioned at the level of the dank, claggy soil from which the demonic eye peers.
A potent, unsettling work whose fetid atmosphere and maddeningly catchy music prove impossible to shake off after the credits roll.

The Irish Times‘ film writer Donald Clarke will present an introduction before the screening.

Screening as part of Haunted Landscapes, A Season of Folk Horror. July 16th-30th.

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