A Very British Gangster

Director: Donal Macintyre

UK • 2007 • 97 mins

Donal MacIntyre is Britain’s best known investigative journalist. He first met Dominic Noonan, the head of the Noonan crime dynasty, in Britain’s high security Belmarsh Crown Court. ‘Everybody I know wants to kill you. My brother was asked to whack you – I can see the job isn’t done’, he said. It’s a chat-up line MacIntyre remembers. This is a gangster movie, first and foremost, and one that has access to all the activities of one of Britain’s most dangerous criminal families. It follows Dominic Noonan over three years as he lurches from criminal trial to criminal trial. The head of a second generation family of Irish stock, Dominic legally changed his last name to ‘Lattlay Fottfoy’, an acronym for the family motto: ‘Look after those that look after you. Fuck off those that fuck off you.’ Rarely does a film deliver such a close-up view of a world of kidnapping, torture, drugs and murder. And behind the bravado, the film also manages to capture a community struggling with poverty and violence.
Director Donal MacIntyre will attend the screening.
If you can’t see this, try Saviours (Saturday 12.00pm)

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