100 mins, USA, 1966, Digital

This film screened 23rd April 2016.

Jan Benes, a brilliant scientist working in communist Russia, has discovered the technology to miniaturise objects, albeit briefly.

The CIA attempt to smuggle him across the Iron Curtain but an attack en route leaves him in a coma with a blood
clot near the brain. A crack team is assembled within a submersible, which is shrunk to atomic size and injected into Benes’ bloodstream.

They have just 60 minutes to find and destroy the clot, that is, if Benes’ white blood cells don’t overcome them first. Fleischer’s hugely enjoyable adventure is a triumph of imagination and ‘60s production design.

GUEST SPEAKERS: Claire O’Connell (The Irish Times) and Fergal O’Brien (Professor of Biomaterials AMBER and RSCI) will discuss this film in the context of nanotechnology.

Screening as part of Futures Past: How Cinema of the Past Has Imagined Our Future, a season of films with guest speakers, presented in collaboration with Science Gallery Dublin.

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