Junior Cycle

To book Junior Cycle events please contact Dee Quinlan or Richard Fallon on 01 679 5744 or schools@irishfilm.ie


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (G)
Nov 14, 10.30am
Released 35 years ago, E.T. has been capturing the imagination of audiences ever since, with its special effects, dream-like orchestral score, and its tender story about the friendship between lonely boy and a stranded extra-terrestrial.

To support the new specification, we have programmed a film in French, German, Spanish AND ITALIAN ADD for Junior Cycle students.


Fanny’s Journey (recommended age 12+)
Le voyage de Fanny
Nov 16, Feb 6, 10.30am
An award-winning tale of courage, determination and survival set in occupied France. Jewish thirteen-year-old Fanny takes charge of a band of children to make for safety beyond the Swiss border.

Study guide available from end of October. Download from www.ifi.ie/study-guides

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IFI French Film Festival
The IFI French Film Festival will run from November 15th -26th
Please see http://www.ifi.ie/frenchfest for more details.
For more information, please contact IFI Education on 01 6795744


The Wild Soccer Bunch (recommended age 10+)
Die Wilden Kerle 6: Die Legende lebt
Nov 22, Jan 17, 10.30am
The latest episode in the hugely successful film series, adapted from the equally popular books and featuring a new generation of football fanatics who want to succeed the original soccer bunch.

Study guide available now, in association with Goethe-Institut. Download from www.ifi.ie/study-guides

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Zip and Zap and the Marble Gang (recommended age 12+)
Zipi y Zape y el club de la canica
Feb 22, 10.30am
This fun adventure features naughty twins Zip and Zap who are sent to a correctional school to learn discipline under the stern and eye-patched watch of the principal, Falconetti.
Study guide courtesy of Discovery Film Festival – download it here

Study guide available from mid-October. Download from www.ifi.ie/study-guides

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Italo Barocco (recommended age 12+)
Jan 30th, 10.30am
Delightful Italian language film depicting the great friendship between a lonely, ten-year-old Sicilian boy and the shaggy dog who wanders into his small village.

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Seeing Spaces
How do we see? The impact of the visual and the ways in which we see are investigated through the new Junior Cycle Visual Art syllabus.

In our collaboration with the National Gallery of Ireland (NGI), Junior Cycle Art students will visit two cultural institutions: the IFI in Temple Bar, and the newly refurbished National Gallery on Merrion Square. Through a film screening at IFI and study of artworks at the NGI, students will be invited to question the works seen as well as respond to the spaces in which they are exhibited.

Following both of these student visits, in a separate CPD session, teachers will have the opportunity to offer feedback on the student visits, as well as explore ways of continuing student learning into 2nd Year and beyond.

April 18, 10.30-16.00 (Screening + Gallery visit)
Bookings for the combined screening and NGI event is through IFI Education on 01 6795744 or email schools@ifi.ie.  

Film screening:
The Red Turtle (PG)
This sumptuous, almost dreamlike and silent animation is set on a remote island where a single man has washed up. A co-production with the legendary Studio Ghibli, Dutch animator Michael Dudok de Wit has created a completely visual story, for its audience to interpret.

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