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For You

Brendan Canty, 13 minutes, 2017

An act of devotion gives a struggling young woman the strength to love.

Fortune’s Wheel

Joe Lee, 76minutes, 2015

Fortune’s Wheel brings to life the remarkable, implausible story of a Fairview lion-tamer in Dublin in the 1950s. Bill Stephens was an ordinary young Dubliner, with an extraordinary dream – to become a skilled animal trainer and a big circus star.…


Lorcan Finnegan, 15 minutes, 2011

Turning Ireland’s housing crash into a gothic horror, Foxes features a couple isolated in a ghost estate. While husband James (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor) busies himself at work, wife Ellen (Marie Ruane) finds herself fascinated and even altered by the foxes prowling…


Lenny Abrahamson, 95 minutes, 2014

Jon (Domhnall Gleeson) fancies himself as a musician, though his pitiful efforts at song writing don’t suggest a stadium tour is on the cards for him anytime soon, his limited talent unlikely to provide an escape from the day job…


Darren Thornton, 12 minutes, 2007

Shot in a mockumentary style that is both tender and humorous, Frankie details fifteen year old Frankie (Ryan Andrews) struggles to prepare for fatherhood as the result of an unplanned pregnancy.   Awards:Best Short Film Award at the 21st European Film…

Free Chips Forever

Claire Dix, 12 minutes, 2009

The everyday becomes an adventure for Becky (Abby Byrne), a little girl convinced by her father (Donagh Deeney) that she must keep lookout while he pretends to rob the local chip shop. However Becky’s commitment to the game threatens to…

Frida Think

Maya Derrington, 3 minutes, 2019

A woman walks into a party dressed as Frida Kahlo, only to find that her version of unique has mass appeal.

Further Beyond

Christine Molloy
Joe Lawlor, 89 minutes, 2016

In their documentary debut Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor take as their point of departure the compelling 18th Century figure Ambrose O’Higgins (father of Bernardo O’Higgins, the first leader of independent Chile) and attempt to retrace his remarkable journey from…

Gabriel Byrne: Stories from Home

Pat Collins, 75 minutes, 2008

Pat Collins’ acclaimed portrait of the working-class Walkinstown lad turned international film actor largely eschews in-depth examination of Gabriel Byrne’s screen career, instead offering something far more profound, soulful, and deeply engaging. Collins digs deeper, then deeper still, to get…


Lenny Abrahamson, 85 minutes, 2007

A stark portrait of an isolated man Garage centres on Josie (Pat Shortt), the sole employee of a rural garage, in this nuanced portrait of male loneliness in the Irish midlands. Living a monotonous existence built around his job, it…


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