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Girl Alone

Keith Farrell, 2019

A girl with a dark past finds herself alone and on the run. Sometimes moving forward is harder than it seems.

The Girl at the End of the Garden

Bonnie Dempsey, 15 minutes, 2019

A slapstick comedy about an unhappy young girl whose life is turned upside-down when she finds a mysterious runaway with psychic powers in her back garden.

The Girl With the Mechanical Maiden

Andrew Legge, 15 minutes, 2012

A short set in a strange, quasi-Victorian world, The Girl with the Mechanical Maiden sees an inventor (Dominic West) construct a ramshackle robotic wet-nurse for his daughter after her mother dies in childbirth. As the child grows older, a robotic…

Give Up Yer Aul Sins

Cathal Gaffney, 5 minutes, 2001

A young Dublin girl tells her own, youthfully unique version of the story of John the Baptist in this animated short. Based on recordings made in a Dublin school in the 1970s and rediscovered in the 1990s, Give Up Yer…

Glasgow St. Patrick’s Festival – Glasgow, Scotland

Cathal Gaffney, 5 minutes, 2001

March 9th  The Irish Pub screens as part of the St. Patrick's festivities in Glasgow. 

Glass Hour

Clare Langan, 8 minutes, 2002

Clare Langan’s work sits within both fine art and film traditions. The use of hand-made filters gives a distinctly sensuous and oneiric appearance, mixing painterly values with a strongly cinematic use of sound and space. Part of a post-apocalyptic trilogy,…


Gerard Barrett, 80 minutes, 2014

John is working as a taxi driver in Dublin and struggling to make ends meet. He lives with his mother Jean, who he is devoted to, despite Jean being a committed and unrelenting alcoholic. When she is hospitalised after her…

God’s Own Children

Michael Lindley, 18 minutes, 2016

Two boys travel to the big city on a self-appointed mission from God.


Niall Heery, 90 minutes, 2014

Out on the street and down on his luck, homeless misfit Ray (David Wilmot) turns to one-time girlfriend Alice (Kerry Condon) for both shelter and the rare chance to see his estranged daughter, teenage athlete Abbie (Game of Thrones’ Maisie…

Goldfish Memory

Elizabeth Gill, 85 minutes, 2003

Typifying the brash confidence and excitement of Celtic Tiger Ireland, Goldfish Memory is an ensemble piece about the relationship troubles of a host of modern-day Dubliners and could be described as Ireland's first gay rom-com. Lecturer Tom (Sean Campion) cheats…


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