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James Doherty, 14 minutes, 2015

A macho Traveller becomes increasingly concerned that his young son is soft. Directed by James Doherty, Breathe is a short film exploring the life of Patrick (John Connors, Cardboard Gangsters) as he struggles to accept his son (Lee O’Donoghue). Written…

Breathe Out

Sean Breathnach, 12 minutes, 2017

A woman's attempts to control her new life are being challenged by a person from her past.

Bricks, Beds and Sheep’s Heads

Imelda O'Reilly, 14 minutes, 2009

A Moroccan immigrant looks back at his life on Aid El Kbir. Aid El Kbir is a celebratory Islamic holiday that occurs two months after Ramadan.

The Bridge

Mark Smyth, 15 minutes, 2019

Cormac is consumed by historical demons, living with the aftermath of a childhood accident. Could he have done something to prevent the tragic event? Awards: Best Actor in a Male Role, Peter Coonan, Richard Harris International Film Festival 2019

Bring Out the Fear

Richard Waters, 87 minutes, 2021

A couple in a doomed relationship become trapped in their favourite forest. The endlessly winding paths lead nowhere, the trees never end, the sun never sets, and a sinister presence stalks them, trying to drive them insane. There is no…

British and Irish Film Festival

Richard Waters, 87 minutes, 2021

September 24th - October 7th Growing on the success of last year, the fifth British and Irish Film Festival in Luxemborg, takes place in the Utopolis Cinema in September 2014. Programme will be announced in early September. 

British and Irish Film Season // Luxembourg

Richard Waters, 87 minutes, 2021

September 21st to October 2nd The British & Irish Film Season started in Luxembourg in 2010 to celebrate the rich array and diversification of film-making across the British Isles (England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man), primarily from independent film…

Broken Law

Paddy Slattery, 85 minutes, 2020

The story of two estranged brothers on opposite sides of the law; Dave Connolly is a respected member of the Garda Síochána but his loyalty to the force is tested by his ex-convict brother Joe following a botched robbery. Suddenly…

Broken Song

Claire Dix, 66 minutes, 2013

GI, Costello and Willa Lee are street poets, hip-hop artists, rappers and song-writers from Dublin’s often-deprived suburbs. Through their words they have found a way to diffuse their frustration with the chaos that surrounds them and to inspire others to…


John Crowley, 111 minutes, 2015

The Irish-American emigrant experience is brought vividly to life in this beautifully crafted, exceptionally moving adaptation of Colm Tóibín's much admired novel. It’s 1952 and Eilis (Saoirse Ronan, in her finest performance to date) is part of a wave of…

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