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Cowboys and Angels

David Gleeson, 89 minutes, 2003

Set in Limerick City, Cowboys and Angels explores the alienation of Shane Bulter (Michael Legge), a young adult who moves away from home for the first time. His introverted personality is transformed by his outgoing, gay roommate Vincent (Allen Leech),…

Crash and Burn

Seán Ó Cualáin, 81 minutes, 2016

For a fleeting moment in the early 1980s Tommy Byrne was the world’s greatest Formula 1 driver, a man who looked set to rival Senna and Schumacher with his fearless style and his record-breaking speeds. Coming from humble Dundalk roots…

Croi Trodach

Des Kilbane, 56 minutes, 2013

Croi Trodach (A Fighting Heart) is the epic story of Johnny Kilbane (1889 – 1957), poet, politician and the longest reigning World Featherweight Champion of all time. It’s a rags-to-riches story which begins on Achill Island, from where his ancestors…

The Crush

Michael Creagh, 15 minutes, 2010

An Academy Award-nominated short from first-time director Michael Creagh, The Crush is an entertaining story of young passion set in a strangely violence-soaked world. Eight year old Ardal’s (Oran Creagh) crush on his teacher appears endearing, but when he meets…

The Crying Game

Neil Jordan, 112 minutes, 1992

Shot in parlous circumstances as its British producers neared bankruptcy, Jordan’s portrait of an IRA gunman embracing his humanity in unexpected circumstances proved the pivotal moment in his career, after an ingenious U.S. marketing campaign swept the film all the…

Cúilín Dualach

Nora Twomey, 12 minutes, 2004

One of the multi-award winning Cartoon Saloon’s earliest animated shorts, Cúilín Dualach brings us into the world of a young boy born with his head on backwards. The wider world is predictably shocked by Cúilín Dualach; he is shunned, mocked,…

The Cured

David Freyne, 93 minutes, 2017

For six years, a virus has devastated Europe, transforming people into zombie-like monsters. All is lost until a cure is found. The cure, which has a 75% success rate, restores the infected to full physical health, although the cured remember…

Cutting Grass

Ruairi O'Brien, John Kennedy, 12 minutes, 2015

It's a hot summer and a young inner-city boy, Donal, is trying his hand at cutting lawns for pocket money. When he meets Gerry, his luck changes.

The Daisy Chain

Aisling Walsh, 89 minutes, 2008

A psychological horror from director Aisling Walsh, The Daisy Chain is a story of two scarred individuals – a child and a mother – forming a potentially destructive relationship. The mother is Martha (Samantha Morton), a woman feeling the raw…

Dambé: The Mali Project

Dearbhla Glynn, 93 minutes, 2008

Living out a dream, Irish musicians Paddy Keenan and Liam Ó’Maonlaí travel across Mali on a musical roadtrip, soaking themselves in local traditions en route to the famous Festival au désert. On a slow-paced journey the pair take the opportunity…

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