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The Wonderful Story of Kelvin Kind

Ian Power, 15 minutes, 2004

Kelvin Kind (Bernard Deegan), dreams of a relationship with the girl next door (Joanne King). Quirky, heartfelt, and treating sometimes dark material with a comic irreverence, at this film’s heart is a sympathetic depiction of a decent man.

Words Upon the Window Pane

Mary McGuckian, 98 minutes, 1994

Mary McGuckian’s atmospheric period piece is an adaptation of a one-act play by W.B. Yeats in which he explored the occult, a subject in which he had a life-long interest. Set during a series of séances hosted by the Dublin…


Suri Grennell, 2019

At the precipice of womanhood and plagued with foreboding dreams, Maria must confront the mistrust of her family as a strange epidemic sweeps the nation.

Wren Boys

Harry Lighton, 11 minutes, 2017

On the day after Christmas, a Catholic priest from Cork drives his nephew to prison. Available as part of a curated series of shorts GAZE on Tour 2018.

Writing Home

Nagham Abboud, Alekson L. Dall’Armellina, Miriam Velasco, 90 minutes, 2017

Successful author Daniel Doran enjoys a luxurious but vacuous London lifestyle funded by a string of international bestsellers of dubious merit. When his estranged father falls ill, he reluctantly returns home to the Irish village of Darlingford where he faces…

They Shoot People

Mark Noonan, 9 minutes, 2015

Jane is a neglected 12 year old working in the family shooting range. She's always been good with guns, and one evening at the local carnival she gets a chance to prove it - forever altering the course of her…


James Doherty, 2024

A Syrian father, haunted by his past, struggles to adapt to life with his daughter in rural Ireland.

The Yellow Bittern

Alan Gilsenan, 108 minutes, 2009

Completed shortly before he died, this feature-length film about folk singer Liam Clancy presents a revealing and surprising portrait of the man whom Bob Dylan called “just the best ballad singer I’d ever heard in my whole life.” This intimate,…

The Yellow Dress

Alan Gilsenan, 108 minutes, 2009

To help her mother regain her joie de vivre after breast cancer and to cushion the blow of her father's news, sassy 14-year old Aisling sets her up on what she hopes will be the perfect date but when the…

You Are Not My Mother

Kate Dolan, 95 minutes, 2021

Char lives in a North Dublin housing estate with her mother, Angela and her grandmother Rita. Lately her mother has been unwell and confined to her bedroom. One day, after being forced to drive Char to school Angela goes missing…

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