Zéro de conduite
Following the so-called suicide in prison of his anarchist father, Jean Vigo was sent to boarding school. Collaborating with Boris Kaufman, Vigo turned this traumatic experience into an uplifting ode to youth’s indomitable spirit, and a pointed, poetic attack on French institutions. Its unforgettable imagery has inspired directors all over the world. Zéro de conduite set the benchmark for all films about youthful rebellion. (Notes by Laurent Marie).

Director: Jean Vigo

41 minutes • France • 1933

Set amongst the community of bargemen, L’Atalante is one of the first examples of cinematographic modernity. The magnificent music of Maurice Jaubert, the characterisation and the imagery, at once surreal and realistic, all contribute to creating a gem. Although the film’s social dimension cannot be glossed over, L’Atalante is a great love story. Vigo, who knew that his days were numbered, gave it everything he had.

Director: Jean Vigo

89 minutes • France • 1934<

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