78 minutes, Ireland, 2015, Colour, D-Cinema

This film was released on Friday 24th July 2015 and is no longer screening.

We are delighted to welcome director Mark Noonan for a Q&A following the 18.30 screening on Friday, July 24th.

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When 11-year-old Stacey (Lauren Kinsella) becomes an orphan, her closest relative, her uncle Will (Aidan Gillen), is in prison. As part of his rehabilitation, Will is released to look after Stacey, and they set up a makeshift home on a caravan site in the Irish midlands. They don’t have the easiest of relationships; Will is guarded about why he was sent to jail and has trouble dealing with the limited freedoms he has been allowed, while Stacey not only has to get used to being around someone who has been absent from her life for so long, but has also started to suffer from narcolepsy.

The first feature from Mark Noonan, You’re Ugly Too is an exceptional Irish film marked by humanity, warmth and humour, and there are terrific performances from the two lead actors, with a striking chemistry between Kinsella and Gillen.(Notes by Michael Hayden)

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