Written on the Soul & Give or take an inch

Director: Carol O'Keeffe

Ireland 2004| Beta SP PAL| 50 mins

In Carol O’Keeffe’s touching and illuminating film, three people talk about their journey into the gender they always knew was really theirs. Austrian-born Stephen now lives in Dublin, while Diane, originally from Wales, lives in West Cork with her wife and son. Cork resident Richard/Lucie has made a rather different journey into a life as both man and woman. All three have much to teach us about what it means to live in Ireland in a gender different to the one assigned to them at birth, and the support – or not – they’ve received from the gay community.

We are delighted to welcome director Carol O’Keeffe to introduce her film.

Screens with: Give or Take an Inch Lee Friedlander, USA, Beta SP PAL,14 mins 30 secs
Charl and her partner and children are off to join her siblings for a Memorial Day get-together, and they’re a very queer family indeed – so why can’t Charl cope with Georgia’s transition to George? A smart and very funny film about prejudice within families.

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