Women’s Shorts

A superb collection of short films of particular appeal to women. some very funny and some no joke at all. A Woman Reported is a brilliantly shot film of a woman escaping a violent attack, while for Alice escape from her violent partner is sad and painful (Dani and Alice). In the award-winning Hoi Maya! a chance encounter between two older women at the hairdressers re-opens possibilities long forgotten. We are delighted to show a repeat screening of Olive, who finds that her seductive friend is not so unconventional after all. A down-trodden housewife finds life looks up when she reconsiders her Moustache. Carisma – not – is a brilliant black comedy about a crisis, while in Wedding Daydream a bridegroom fantasising about the women he’ll have to give up gets a rude awakening.

A Woman Reported Chris J Russo, USA 2004, 35mm 5 mins
Dani & Alice Roberta Marie Monroe, Canada/USA 2005, 35mm, 11 mins
Hoi Maya! Claudia Lorenz, Switzerland 2004, 35mm, 13 mins
Olive Neasa Hardiman, Ireland 2003, 35 mm, 11 mins
Moustache Vicki Sugars, Australia 2004, 35mm, 14 mins
Carisma David Planell, Spain 2003, 35mm, 10 mins
Wedding Daydream Ansgar Ahlers, Germany 2004, 35mm, 10 mins

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