Director: Michael Curtiz

120 minutes| U.S.A.|1954| Colour| Stereo Sound| Digital

Wild Strawberries – our bimonthly film club for the over 55s.

What better way to get in the holiday mood than with this classic film, showing in a restored digital version. Starring Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye as former army buddies turned highly successful song ‘n’ dance men who meet up with another act, Betty (Rosemary Clooney – aunt of George!) and Judy. Romantic attraction brings them all to an inn owned by their old army general whose business has fallen on hard times. When the men put on a show to bring in a crowd, misunderstandings ensue and affairs of the heart get in the way. But in the end, treetops glisten, children listen and everyone brilliantly performs against a tinsel-covered background and that Irving Berlin all-time classic tune.

€4 per person, includes regular tea/coffee. Bookings can be made from December 1st through the box office on 01 679 3477.

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