Director: Michael Hoffman

112 minutes| Germany/Russia/U.K.| 2010

This film screened in February 2010.

Wild Strawberries is our bimonthly film club for the over 55s.

A beautiful, finely-acted film about Tolstoy and his wife during his later years.
The writer of novels (Christoper Plummer in great, whiskered form) such as Anna Karenina and War & Peace was a pacifist and vegetarian who had attracted a huge number of zealous followers. One particular Tolstoyian, Chertkov, is determined to secure Tolstoy’s legacy for the Russian people while his wife (the brilliant and gorgeous Helen Mirren) sees his meddling as a huge threat to her family’s future. This Russian house is filled with fire and passion but also humour, warmth and love, never more apparent than when, banished from his sick bed, she waits nearby for a signal to visit him. For fans of period drama, great literature and damn fine stories too.

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