Director: Jack Clayton

100 minutes| U.S.A./U.K.| Black and White| 1961

Wild Strawberries is our bimonthly film club for the over 55s.

Deborah Kerr is magnificently fearful as Miss Giddens, the governess hired to look after Flora and Miles on their uncle’s isolated Victorian estate. Not long after her arrival she begins to sense the presence of a former governess, Miss Jessel, and a valet, Peter Quint. Following some apparitions and strange behaviour, she gradually comes to believe that they are possessing the children. Believing an unnatural force to be at work, she sets about trying to free the children from their power and thus preserve their innocence.

This classic film for Hallowe’en is based on Henry James’ magnificently spooky novel The Turn of the Screw. Adapted again in 2001 as The Others with Nicole Kidman, this original chills like a real old-fashioned ghost story, and is regarded as one of the best literary adaptations.

€4 including regular tea/coffee.

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