Director: Anthony Minghella

162 minutes, U.S.A.-U.K., 1996

Wild Strawberries is our bi-monthly film club for over 55s.

This epic adaptation by the late Anthony Minghella from Michael Ondaatje’s much-loved novel was a nine-times Oscar winner. Through flashbacks and present day the viewer and the characters try to piece together the events that led to the horrifically burnt Hungarian Count Laszlo de Almasy turning up in Italy during the last days of World War II. Cared for in an old monastery by the sensitive nurse Hana, with the help of an old book of Herodotus found with Almasy, the past and the present slowly unfolds.

Please note duration of film. €3.85 per person including regular tea or coffee. Wild Strawberries is our film club for over 55s. If you are lucky enough to look younger, please don’t take offence if we ask your age.

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