Wild Strawberries film club: BELOVED ENEMY

Director: H. C. POTTER

U.S.A. • 1936 • BLACK AND WHITE • 35MM • 90 MIN

Wild Strawberries is our monthly film club for anyone over 60. Screenings cost Ä4, which includes a regular tea or coffee. Tickets for the March screening will be released on March 1st. Bookings can be made through the box office (01 679 3477).
Kassandra O’Connell, Head of the Irish Film Archive at the IFI, has chosen this gem from the Archive vaults.

Set against the backdrop of the Irish War of Independence, Beloved Enemy is an engaging love story that depicts the relationship between the daughter of a British peace envoy and an IRA leader. Although the film displays a disclaimer at the start, claiming that the main characters are fictional, its story is clearly inspired by the alleged love affair between Michael Collins and Lady Lavery.

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