Director: Jean Becker

109 minutes| France| 2008| English subtitles

Wild Strawberries is our bimonthly film club for the over 55s.

This month we’re broadening our Wild Strawberries horizons with a beautiful French film about a gardener and a painter. Renowned and brilliant French actor Daniel Auteil is a painter who, tired of Parisian life, is on the verge of divorce. Returning to live in his old childhood home where the garden has grown wild, he is unable to cope and takes on a gardener who happens to be an old friend. The skilled gardener can see all the other man’s problems and understand them, while he concentrates his energies on taming the natural world around him, growing better vegetables and bringing beauty into the place. This is not a story of rural and urban stereotypes, but one of complex characters who develop a strong friendship and a deep understanding of each other’s world.

€4 including regular tea/coffee.

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