We Are Dad & Die Trauernde

Director: Michel Horvat

U.S.A.| 2005. Colour. Digital video. 71 min.

Roger Croteau and Steven Lofton are gay dads. They have fostered six children from Florida and Oregon, most of them HIV-positive, and Steven has given up work to be the full-time carer. Although the authorities in Florida (the only state with a blanket ban on adoption by gay people) are happy with the way the children are being reared, they won’t allow the couple to adopt them. Even more shocking is that the 15-year-old Bert, who is no longer sero-positive, is registered for adoption away from the family he’s been part of since babyhood. The family’s story is intercut with comments from friends, state officials, academics, civil libertarians and Christians who object to any kind of gay parenting. Director Michel Horvat provides a vivid portrait of a loving, nurturing family and a well-argued plea for children to be securely parented in gay-headed families.

Screens with: Die Trauernde Wendy Coburn, Canada, Beta SP PAL, 2.5 mins, sung in German/English s/t
Heart-breaking images from experiments of maternal deprivation in baby monkeys, to Jessye Norman’s singing.

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