A winter day in the capital city of Poland, as seen by people from other parts of the country. All of them have expectations and hopes about their life in Warsaw. Klara has come to move in with her boyfriend. Wiktoria has stopped here on her way to her beloved Andalucia, hoping to find love. Pawel, who grew up in an orphanage, is trying to find a job and become independent. A fruit farmer has driven to Warsaw in a truck filled with apples in search of his daughter. A veteran of the Warsaw Rising of 1945 is also wandering around this modern city, looking for any traces of the old places he used to know as a young soldier.

The film presents a multi-layered portrait of several people lost in a cold and unfriendly city. They have nothing in common except that their paths cross. Yet these chance encounters become meaningful and will influence the characters’ future lives. This is a lyrical film about confronting dreams with reality and attempting to find one’s own place in life. A debut by Dariusz Gajewski, Warsaw was awarded five Golden Lions at the Gdynia Film Festival. As film critic Tadeusz Sobolewski noted: ‘This film makes us realise that the gap between Poland past and present, between different generations, is enormous.’

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