Director: ALEX COX

94 minutes| U.S.A.-Mexico-Spain| 1987| Colour| 35mm

Based on the life of William Walker, an American ‘revolutionary’ who invaded Mexico in the 1850s and pronounced himself President of Nicaragua in 1856, Walker is a brilliant, politically astute Acid Western; a subversive sub-genre that combines and contorts aspects of the classic and Spaghetti Western canons.
Filmed in Nicaragua during the Civil War, the film depicts the rise and fall of the deluded, messianic and ruthless Walker (Ed Harris). Wholly convinced of his divine right to lead and transform the Nicaraguan people, Walker deems no sacrifice (of others) too great.

As the film progresses, Cox artfully introduces elements of 20th century U.S. cultural/political imperialism in the forms of a Coke bottle, vending machines, a Mercedes and a helicopter. An overt condemnation of Regan-era politics and the thinking behind it, the closing montage of news footage of the carnage in Nicaragua leaves no doubt as to the director’s intentions. He’s been blacklisted from Hollywood ever since.

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