96 minutes| Spain-U.S.A.| 2008| Colour| Dolby Digital Mono| 35mm

Holidaying in Barcelona, American friends Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson) both become infatuated with a Spanish artist (Javier Bardem). What follows is one of the most offbeat screen romances since Jules et Jim, with which this film has much in common, stylistically and thematically, particularly in its development of an unconventional menage à trois that will reflect the transience and elusiveness of true love.

An Oscar-winning performance from Penelope Cruz as Bardem’s suicidal, tempestuous ex-wife raises the temperature still further; and amongst an excellent cast, Rebecca Hall is quietly outstanding as a rational, intelligent woman in unfamiliar emotional terrain. Typically, Allen keeps you guessing about how things will turn out, but, by the end, all the characters have discovered something more about themselves and the vicissitudes of human nature. Exquisite music and photography add to the romantic glow.

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