Director: Michel Deville

1h 20min. 2005

Veteran director Michel Deville–in what is his last film–takes full advantage of Emmanuelle Beart’s brimming energy, as pent up chanteuse Lucette, and the spot-on comic timing of a fabulous cast caught in her irresistible orbit–in a romp of a bedroom farce. As an ex-husband, a wealthy suitor and an adoring journalist vie for her attention, but Lucette reunites with Edouard, the lover she’s missed so fervently–who is a caddish lothario. But a circus of mistaken identities and slamming doors prevents Lucette from learning that her true love is attempting to break it off with her so he can marry the heiress Viviane that afternoon.
Adding to the general air of merriment are a host of note-perfect performances, particularly Berling, in a rare comic turn, suffering every mishap that befalls him with a delicious, slow-burn frustration; and Beart, ever so bemused by the madness that surrounds her, and able to manage it fantastically. Cast includes: Emmanuelle Beart, Charles Bearling, Sara Forestier, Dominique Blanc, Mathieu Demy, Julie Depardieu

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