Triple Threat

Director: Assorted Directors

80 min.

For young filmmakers looking for an opening, the competitive worlds of music video and TV commercial production have become one of the tried and tested portals into the profession. After scouring the globe for innovative and daring directors changing the face of short films/videos, RESFEST has chosen three directors of exceptional merit. America’s wild-haired wunderkind Jonnie Ross is a one-man army whose complex, fluid and entertaining shorts and videos take months to prepare. Japan’s Nagi Noda is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the world’s most intriguing visual creators with her impossible shorts, intricate music videos and strikingly avant-garde commercials. And France’s François Vogel, a RESFEST favourite, has achieved everyday exposure with his campaign for H+P while applying his ground-breaking special effects to an amazing portfolio of experimental short films. Don’t wait till next year to discover the directors who represent today’s cutting edge.

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