Director: Joe Comerford

Young travellers Michael (Davy Spillane) and Angela (Judy Donovan) are paired off in an arranged marriage and then promptly sent north across the border on a smuggling trip by her father (Johnny Choil Mhaidhc) to buy televisions and other commodities for roadside trading. Along the way they meet an older, enigmatic character, Clicky (Alan Devlin) and experience mounting misfortune. Ultimately they stop running and, returning on their own terms, they cut themselves free of their families.
‘In my opinion you can tell what is happening to a society not by looking at the centre so much, but by looking at the margins. The centre knows this and when necessary ensures that you cannot function on the margins. But I intend to continue making films.’ – Joe Comerford, May, 1996.
(1981, 80mins)

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