Tomorrow’s Weather

Jozef Koziol (Jerzy Stuhr), a former Solidarity movement activist, has spent the last 17 years in a monastery, hiding from both the Communists and his family. Discovered by his wife and son whilst performing with his fellow brothers in a street music festival, Jozef is forced to leave the monastery and finds himself lost in the reality of the new Poland. Steeped in memories of old Communist times, he can’t cope with the new freedoms. His wife now lives with another man who runs a dodgy business. His son is a cynical lawyer who wants to achieve success in politics at any cost. His older daughter takes part in a provocative reality TV show and the younger one is addicted to the Internet and drugs. Still clinging to his old ideals, Jozef wants to ‘convert’ all of them to a decent way of life.

Jerzy Stuhr’s film is a funny yet bitter comedy that criticises the mores of contemporary, post-communist Poland, which is a very different place to the dreamland of old Solidarity movement activists.

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