Timecode—Live Mix + Mike Figgis

Director: Mike Figgis

Director Mike Figgis’s innovative Timecode (2000) was shot entirely with digital cameras, in real time and without any edits. Dividing the screen into four separate views of the interconnected lives of a large cast of characters, the film is essentially a Hollywood satire. In the original release version, which was shown at the IFC in October 2000, our attention was drawn to particular segments of the four unfolding stories through the fixed sound mix. In this unique live mix, Figgis himself will control the sound as the film is projected on digital video. The director will also discuss his work in an on-stage interview to be broadcast by RTE’s ‘Rattlebag’ programme. This event is presented in collaboration with the Huston School of Film and Digital Media. There will be a special admission price of €10 for the screening and the interview with Mike Figgis.

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