Tick Tock Lullaby

Director: Lisa Gornick

UK 2007| 73 mins

Sahsa and Maya, a lesbian couple, cruise London’s coffee shops and trendy neighborhoods ‘stalking’ men and playing ‘spot the best sperm donor’. Sasha, a cartoonist, is not so sure about motherhood, and likes to explore her maternal anxieties through comic strip drawings. Being able to get pregnant ‘by accident’ is what they long for, but they know that’s not an option. With an aversion to more clinical impregnation techniques, direct ‘sperm’ action is what’s called for. Director Gornick’s intertwining of watercolour illustration and real-life footage sets the realm of Sasha’s imagination alight, and artfully plays with the theme of what it means to be a child, an adult, and an adult having a child. Sharply witty and admirably honest, Gornick’s contemporary tale will delight audiences whether interested in offspring or not.
Director Lisa Gornick will be in attendance.

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