This Is Spinal Tap

Director: Rob Reiner

USA| 1984. Colour. Dolby digital stereo.82 minutes.

What’s left to say about Rob Reiner’s remarkable directorial debut? That it was virtually ignored upon its initial release? That it’s the most iconic, eminently quotable comedy this side of Monty Python’s Life Of Brian? That its influence can be felt stronger than ever today, in everything from The Office to The Osbournes (the Spinal Tap sitcom that never was)? That it goes up to 11? That, no matter how many times you sit through this hysterical portrait of an ailing British rock band on an ill-fated American tour, you’ll always find something new to laugh yourself silly at? That it’s a fine line between clever and stupid? The saddest thing, in retrospect, is trying to figure how director Reiner lost the plot so spectacularly-a decade on, he was already churning out soulless Hollywood hack-jobs like The American President. A damn shame.-Derek O’Connor.

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