The World According to Bush

Director: William Karel


Who is George W. Bush? This film relates 1,000 days of his term in office, from the September 11 attacks to the quagmire of the war in Iraq. It paints a portrait of today’s America and attempts to understand how a small group of men, under the influence of the neo-conservative hawks, has taken over control of American foreign policy.
Attempting to describe the troubled links between the USA and Saudi Arabia, this film highlights abuses of the Patriot Act in the name of the war against terrorism, the preponderant weight of religion at the very heart of the administration and, above all, that of corruption. For the Bushes, father and son, have not only dined with the devil but have often invited themselves to his table for the Bin Ladens and the Bushes have always been business partners.
This film aims to pass through the looking glass to tell the story of the Bush dynasty. With interviewees like Norman Mailer, Hans Blix, Colin Powell, members of CIA covert Operations and the author of the infamous Patriot Act, Karel provides a powerful and clear-cut view of America’s first family.

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