The Uncertain Guest

Director: Guillem Morales

Spain| 2004. Subtitled.Colour. Dolby Stereo. 110 min.

A Hitchcock-flavoured tale of paranoia, hysteria and isolation, this atmospheric directorial debut by director Guillem Morales offers a stylish twist on the traditional domestic nightmare scenario. Having broken up with his girlfriend Vera (Monica Lopez), shy architect Felix (Andoni Gracia) lives alone in a vast home of his own design. By night, Felix’s dreams are of isolation and vague menace. Then, unexpectedly, a visitor turns up at the door asking to make an urgent phone call. After some hesitation, Felix lets him in—but almost immediately the man disappears without a trace. Soon, there are strange noises throughout the building, traces of another’s presence. Is the intruder still inside? Could he be living somewhere within the house? Felix’s paranoia threatens to spill over into madness in this quietly terrifying tale which plays a number of ingenious riffs on the classic locked-room mystery, culminating in a third-act turnaround that’s nothing short of stunning. An eye-catching, stylishly minimalist thriller, this is sure to inspire some uneasy dreams of its own.

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