Irish Film Institute -THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES


Director: Jocelyn Cammack

UK • 2009 • 70 mins

At 101, Rose is a former journalist, sex-therapist and counsellor, and is now the oldest newspaper columnist in the world. Hetty, 102, is a veteran Stop-the-War campaigner and Alison, 87, is a novelist and selfstyled ‘establishment lady’ who was once a committed member of the Communist Party. They live in a home for the ‘active elderly’ and regularly share their impassioned concerns on everything from terrorism to global warming – not to mention the meaning of life, death and sex. Surprising, poignant and at times very funny, The Time of Their Lives reveals the everyday mystery of how very old people experience life. Like first-hand witnesses reporting back from the edge of their own mortality, Hetty, Rose and Alison tell us things of which no-one ever speaks. The ultimate coming-of-age movie. Screens with: Ma Bar
Hilary Durman (Producer) will attend the screening.

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