Director: Philippe Ramos

92 minutes • France • 2011

Given the history of Joan of Arc on film, it takes a brave filmmaker to tell her story once again. However, writer-director Philippe Ramos, whose film premiered during Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes this year, differentiates his film from those that have gone before by inventing a narrative of Joan’s last days, focussing on the enigma of her faith. Feeling abandoned by God as she awaits execution, Joan (Clémence Poésy) attempts suicide, and recovers at the hands of a compassionate healer (Thierry Frémont) who also tries to ease the suffering of her bereft soul. With a supporting cast that includes Mathieu Amalric and Irish actor Liam Cunningham, the film centres on Poésy’s expressive performance as one of France’s greatest heroines, and proves a worthy addition to the canon.

(Nov 18th includes introduction and Q&A with Philippe Ramos; Nov 19th introduction by Philippe Ramos.)<

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