The Rest Is Silence comes like a breath of fresh air at a time when it’s easy to assume that currently ‘hot’ Romanian cinema is all grungy, DV-shot, miserabilist dramas. Writer-director Nae Caranfil’s lively, witty widescreen costume picture, about the making of Romania’s first feature-length movie (The Independence of Romania, 1912), is an intelligent crowd-pleaser made with affection for its characters and era. Caranfil, has fictionalised the characters but remained broadly true to actual events. The central character is Grigore Ursache (Marius Florea Vizante), the son of a well-known theatre actor who’s obsessed with making ‘the longest film ever produced’ and joins a nascent film academy run by a rich, half-mad boyar. The film takes a while to get down to business, but it’s time well spent with the characters. With the acting cranked up a notch, and the whole film shot in saturated, ochre colours, Caranfil shoots for a big, widescreen entertainment that generally hits the mark.

We are delighted that director Nae Caranfil and leading actor Marius Florea Vizante will be present to introduce their film and answer questions after the screening.


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