94 minutes| Australia| 2010| Colour

‘Pray that you drown first!’ We do love a good tagline. A sailboat capsizes off Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, leaving its crew of five attractive Aussies stranded aboard what remains of the capsized hull – naturally, they share a complicated back-story. The best chance for survival is to swim for a nearby island – but who knows what lurks in these mysterious waters? No, wait, we do know: it’s a massive bloody shark, who just hit the jackpot. Will our heroes survive? Let’s be brutally honest here: who gets eaten first? It’s been an age since we’ve had a decent killer shark flick – 2003’s Open Water, by our reckoning, an obvious reference point for this suspenseful ‘true story’ – and while we simmer in gleeful anticipation for the forthcoming Roger Corman epic Sharktopus (featuring Eric Roberts!), this will do more than nicely. Director Andrew Traucki previously brought us killer croc movie Black Water: we’re hoping he completes his underwater trilogy with a tale of savage jellyfish.

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