The Picture Of Dorian Gray

Director: Duncan Roy

USA 2006| 97 mins

In this adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s novel, director Duncan Roy relocates the story from Victorian England to decadent 1980s New York, amidst the high-stakes art market and the early years of AIDS. Enter Dorian Gray, a smoulderingly perfect 18 year-old beauty with a mysterious past. When an artist named Basil spots Dorian on the scene, he is instantly smitten and launches a bold seduction, making his conquest the star of a video installation that takes the city by storm: the eponymous picture of Dorian Gray.
But for Dorian, the video sparks an all-consuming vanity, a fear of growing old and ugly, and ultimately, a bargain with the devil. Roy crafts a compelling parable of sex and power, art and commerce, beauty and mortality that makes its way deep under the skin.

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