Director: Michel Leclerc

France • 2010 • 95 minutes

Gala Opening 

In this entertainingly ribald and very funny comedy, Sara Forestier (Gainsbourg, Les Herbes folles) is Bahia, a free-spirited liberal who aims to convert right-wing men by sleeping with them and murmuring political ideologies at their most vulnerable moment. When she meets Arthur Martin (Jacques Gamblin), whose name is one of the more common in France (and is shared with a leading electrical goods company), she assumes he is a ‘conversion’ target. Despite his initial resistance, the two fall in love. Of Algerian and Jewish background respectively, the scene is set for a number of deliciously satirical barbs on French culture. There are serious ideas underlying the fun, but the witty writing and varied shooting styles keep the laughs coming. Forestier is wonderful, fearlessly proving herself to be game for anything.

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