The Hardy Bucks Movie

Director: Mike Cockayne

Something of a media phenomenon in Ireland, The Hardy Bucks began life as a series of YouTube videos before graduating to television and, here, to film with this uproarious comedy. Led by Eddie (Martin Maloney), the ‘Hardy Bucks’ are a group of twenty-something country slackers only interested in smoking, drinking, and fighting. Their cinema debut sees them lifted out of their usual stupor when they learn arch-enemy Francis ‘The Viper’ Higgins (Chris Tordoff) is travelling to Poland to see Ireland’s football team compete in the summer’s European Championships. Setting off in pursuit, Eddie and his friends quickly entangle themselves in a drug smuggling ring, jeopardising their chances of making it to the tournament on time. Transferring a TV show to the cinema screen has often proved disastrous but it is here managed with aplomb, as the ribald humour that made The Hardy Bucks a national sensation arrives on film fully formed.

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