Director: Eric Rohmer

98 minutes, France, 1986, Colour, D-Cinema, Subtitled

This film was released on Friday 2nd January 2015.

It is summer and Delphine is stranded in Paris just when everybody else is leaving the city for their holidays. She has just ended a relationship and she is desperate for an escape. A number of pitying invitations result in unsatisfying trips to Cherbourg, to
the Alps and to the beach. Her parents try and persuade her to travel to Ireland, but she doesn’t want to spend time with them.

Delphine appears desperate for love, for romance or just for a connection, but her manner insists that she wants those things
on her own terms. Rohmer’s acute, earnest observation on relationships and feminine behaviour remains fascinating and relevant, in no small part because of Marie Rivière’s irresistible performance as Delphine. In a largely improvised film, her presence is believable, precious, honest and beautiful, affording The Green Ray a disarming daringness. (Notes by Michael Hayden.)

★★★★★ The Guardian ★★★★ The Irish Times

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