The Gay bed & breakfast of terror

Director: Jaymes Thompson

2007 USA 110mins

Off the main highway, in the middle of nowhere, lies The Sahara Salvation Inn – ‘a small slice of paradise here in the desert’. Helen and Luella are just another typical God-fearing mother and daughter who run this charming, if a bit faded, B&B. Or are they? On the eve of the biggest gay party weekend of the year, having not made advance reservations, five couples find themselves having to get accommodation far from the city. Among them is Dom and Alex, the ‘performers’ and Deborah and Gabby, the entrepreneurial ‘lipsticks’. There’s also Mike and Eric, the upscale yuppie power couple and their annoying fag-hag friend, Lizette. Gay festivities soon turn to queer nightmare, as the guests check in and slowly come to realise that The Sahara Salvation is not all it appears to be.

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