The Films Of Mike Hoolbloom & Sadie Benning

GAZE presents the work of two leading lights in experimental film. Prolific and protean, Mike Hoolboom has produced over 20 films, ranging from experimental shorts to daring featurelength dramas. Cinematically breathtaking, Hoolboom’s works are as visually inventive as Derek Jarman’s and as politically courageous as Pier Paolo Pasolini’s in their explorations of the troubling intersections of desire, the body, and the world in the chaotic, fearful late 20th century. Sadie Benning began making videos when she was 15 years old, using a Fisher Price Pixelvision toy camera. Benning’s early works used scrawled and handwritten text from diary entries to record thoughts and images that reveal the longings and complexities of a developing identity. Benning’s videos can be described in a variety of ways, including autobiography, ethnography, personal films and stories of coming-out.

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