The Education of Fairies

Director: Jose Luis Cuerda

Spain-France-Argentina| 2006. Subtitled. Colour. Dolby Digital Stereo. 103 min.

Underrated director and producer Jose Luis Cuerda (The Butterfly’s Tongue) returns to his favourite theme, the transformational power of a child-like imagination, in this engaging fable based on a French novel. The Education of Fairies is a charming, delicate tale about the various ways people deal with loss. It begins as Nicolas (a wonderful performance by Argentine actor Ricardo Darin) meets Ingrid (French actress Irene Jacob) and her young son Raul on an airplane heading to Barcelona. Ingrid is clearly the woman Nicolas has been waiting for all his life, and Raul the son he’s never had. In no time they’re married and living in a beautiful house. Nicolas forms a very close bond with Raul, spending long hours telling him about the world and the special race of fairies whose job it is to protect it and make things right. When events take an unexpected turn for the worse, Raul expects these very fairies to make their appearance.

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