Director: Christian Ditter

A popular hit at home and a prize-winner at a number of international festivals of children’s films, The Crocodiles is based on Max von der Grun’s best-selling novel. A cheerful, gripping story that can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike, it tells of two boys who are desperate to become members of a local gang. Ten-year-old Hannes (Nick Reimann) finds himself in danger when attempting a stunt that will qualify him for membership of the Crocodiles. He’s saved at the last minute by wheelchair-bound Kai (Fabian Halbig), whose disability at first prevents him from joining the group. The gang members have a change of heart when Hannes’ house is burgled and Kai proves useful in executing their plan to catch the robbers and collect a reward.

Exciting and humorous, this very engaging family film explores issues of loyalty, friendship and justice.

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