Director: Christian Ditter

90 mins • Germany • 2010

Meet the Crocodiles, a cool gang of friends whose adventures get them into all kinds of trouble! In this film based on Max von der Grun’s hugely popular books, Ollie and Maria’s parents have lost their factory jobs and might have to move house. Determined not to let this happen, the friends try to get to the bottom of the mysterious goings-on at the factory. In German with English subtitles read aloud by an experienced reader. AGE 10+Supported by the Goethe-Institut Ireland.

The Crocodiles is a funny and exciting movie. I think it would be a good film for children aged 8-12 years. It is about a young gang of children around the age of 12. It kept me very interested. It is mostly about Hans and the gang trying to prove that his mum’s boyfriend is a criminal. There are a lot of thrills along the way.

By Hannah Fitzpatrick (age 10)


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